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Cattery services in Weston-super-Mare

Welcome to Mariners Light Cattery

Welcome to Mariners Light Cattery! We are a cattery operating in the Weston-Super-Mare area ready to provide our excellent cattery services to your furry feline friends!

Please visit our cattery services page to find out more about the services we can offer, or visit our contact page to get in touch with us to book your beloved pet in for a stay with us.

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A home away from home

If you are looking for top-quality boarding for your cat while you go on holiday, come to Mariners Light Cattery. Your cat will feel right at home in our comfy and homely rooms.

Day care for your cat

If you are having work done at home and need your cat safely out of the way, call us today. Your cat will have a relaxing time here at Mariners Light Cattery.

Cattery prices

If you are going on holiday and need a welcoming and caring environment for your cat to stay in, look no further. Your cat will have all the luxuries they are used to at home.

Book your cat's holiday

Contact Nicola today to discuss booking your cat's stay at Mariners Light Cattery. We provide all the love and care your cat needs whilst you are on holiday.

About the owner

"Many years ago, I used to work for Deutsche Bank in the Square Mile, in the City of London, in their Human Resources Department.  Born and bred in London, my family are all from North London.

I lived in the East End of London, Wapping,  for 15 years, and my love of cats began, when one day, I was followed home from the tube by two cats… escorting me from the tube to my front door. One day it was raining, and they dashed in, and never left! After long days of working in the City, I often expressed a desire to work with animals, and the opportunity came when in the year 2000, Mariners Light Cattery came up for sale, and I decided to have a complete change of career and move from London down to Somerset, in the beautiful location of Sand Bay. I cannot thank Deutsche Bank enough, as though shocked, supported my decision to leave, and were wonderful employers throughout the many years I worked for them.


To me, this is not just a job, but something I enjoy doing too. I have rescue cats as well as looking after the ones that I board. Over the years, my customers have become good friends, more than just clients, which is an important part of my work here too. You are welcome to come and meet us, and view the facilities... usually met and greeted at the front door by my own cats! " - Nicola


106 Beach Road

BS22 9UG

01934 413674

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Looking to get your furry friend booked in for cattery services in Weston-super-Mare? Get in touch with us today! 

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