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Short stay for cats in Weston-super-Mare

Let your cat be pampered

Whether your cat is with us for a day or two weeks, we will ensure they get all the love and attention they get at home. All our rooms are thermostatically heated so they can sleep all day if they wanted or they can stretch out on the ledges outside overlooking the garden.

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Cat with money
Kitten in the bath
Cat by a flower

Affordable prices for your cat's holiday at Mariners Light Cattery

All our prices include the arrival and departure date and we offer a discount for cats from the same home that are sharing a room. We do not require a deposit and if you wish to cancel your cat's holiday we will not charge a cancellation fee however we do ask that you let us know so we can fill the space, especially in the busy summer months.

Charges: About Us

Mariners Light Cattery prices

Kittens (under 6 months)


One adult cat


Two cats sharing 


Three or more cats sharing


One Cat only - includes breakfast & tea
Day care (no overnight stay)


Two Cats only - includes breakfast & tea
Day care (no overnight stay)


Christmas Day

Double time

Boxing Day

Double time

Charges: Price List

Do you need to book your cat in for a short stay in Weston-super-Mare? Get in touch with us today! 

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